ESDM Flight Plan

Flight Plan

Proper planning guarantees success in every aspect of life, and particularly in your flying over deserts and oceans. With ESDM rest assured that your trip to any destination, new or familiar, is destined for success.

With us, you just need to send an e-mail to our Dispatch Department, and we instantly use the latest in flight planning technology to provide you with the most cost-effective and fuel-efficient integrated flight plan comprising routes & alternates to your destination, advising on runway & airports, providing pre and post trip weather reports & updated NOTAMs.

Besides, our flight plan is always tailored on a flight-by-flight basis based upon your specific needs such as fuel conservation, time, and budget, so that your flight operates safely and cost-effectively from origin to destination. Apply for one trial flight Plan free of charge.

Since we understand that the best-made plans can change in a fraction of a second due to external factors, our professional dispatchers and flight planners are acting as your second pair of eyes 24/7 conducting quick assessments to respond to external factors that could impact your trip, double-checking your flight plan to make certain your aircraft complies with cross country regulations & air traffic controls requirements, as well as providing your crew with the required updated data such as weather forecast & NOTAMs, runway & airport suitability and airspace restrictions, with the ultimate goal of ensuring a safe & timely trip. You can always check your flight plan here free of charge.

We provide the following services:

  •  Computerized ATC Flight Plan & Operational Flight Plan – filing & coordination
  •  Route validation
  •  Textual & Graphic Weather reports
  •  Updated NOTAMs
  •  Runway Analysis Charts
  •  Electronic Airports Charts